ovc support group

                         OVC SUPPORT GROUP 


This is a support group for children living with  HIV  between the age 5-18 years. In total we have    35 boys   and     66  girls. It is conducted every month to identify out health issues the children  undergo while on treatment. It is through such sessions  that we assess the nutritional and medical needs of the children hence encouragement of positive living.

OBJECTIVE: To sensitize and to raise self esteem of children living with HIV/AIDS.

During the last quarter, we had six sessions with the OVC support group.

The following topics were covered;

–          Nutrition

–          Hygiene

–          TB infection

–          Drug adherence

–          Self esteem

–          Child Rights

–          Sexual Reproductive Health

The children are divided in 2 groups i.e. age 5-10years and  Adolescents.

Age 5-8 years, are engaged in coloring and drawing before a shared  discussion on different topics it is through this drawings that we are able to identify various problems  that they face in their daily lives since we found out that children express themselves better through these activities.

In our discussions we use our skills from pediatric personnel who help in taking children through the sessions, with an objective of raising their self esteem hence self acceptance,

On nutrition, they are taught  on balanced diet that they should take including vitamins, carbohydrates proteins and not forgetting 8 glasses of water every day, and appreciation of the locally available food is encouraged and this has made work easier  for us to support nutritional health. They are encouraged to take more vegetables and fruits which can protect them from contracting diseases.

On hygiene they discuss  how they should maintain personal and environmental hygiene i.e.

–          Bathing every day

–          Eating clean and cooked food.

–          Washing hands before eating and after visiting the toilet.

–          Washing fruits before eating.

–          Ensure the food is covered.

–          Ensure drinking water is treated or boiled.

–          Proper waste disposal


This is message targets all the children in the support group , Some of the children have gone through TB infection and treatment and therefore have some information on TB.

They are taught on.

What TB is? Cause?

Signs and symptoms of TB.

TB management

How TB is spread

Types of TB

Who can get TB?

Common issues raised

1Q.Can one get TB through having sex?

Ans .NO, TB is an airborne disease.

2Q.What is the relationship between TB and HIV?

Ans. Both TB and HIV takes advantage of the compromised immune system.

From the discussions, it is  clear that most of the children have information on TB .

The children are able to demonstrate on how one should cough as a way of TB prevention, use of handkerchief, avoiding crowded places, ventilation and adhering to medication.



-Financial constrains affects their nutritional health..                                                                                     -Ignorance from some of the caregivers affect adherence.


v  Most of the children we started with before are already aware of their status with the help from their parents who does the disclosure part successfully with assistance from our personnel.



Early disclosure in children aid drug adherence