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Beyond the Bridge Vision-Kenya is a non-governmental organization, that is registered and licenced by the Kenyan government. with the aim to attaining what could have beenblocked/barred by obstacles like poverty, lack of education or knowledge, unawareness e.t.c. It therefore have the mandate to improving the live of the less fortunate people in the rural area. It is formed after proper research about how people live and the challenges they face i.e. education especially formal education among the adult and both boy and girl child. Summary of the Activities Resource Mobilization Support through purchases of education building and health materials Administration of staff assets and programmes Education Sponsorship assistance Promotion and supply of ICT and learning materials in schools Building of education and health facilities Provision of health materials and publication of learning materials

India budget-2013/14 agri exports likely to touch $45 bln vs $41 bln in 2012/13 | Reuters

CHINDIA ALERT: You'll be living in their world, very soon

India’s Finance Minister P. Chidambaram told parliament on Monday that India’s 2013/14 agricultural exports were likely to touch $45 billion vs $41 billion in 2012/13.

Chidambaram was presenting an interim budget to tide public finances over until a new government is formed after elections due by May.

via India budget-2013/14 agri exports likely to touch $45 bln vs $41 bln in 2012/13 | Reuters.

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